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lightheaded in the best way possible

Today I aced an exam I was terrified of, finished half of my reading for the rest of the week and took a 7 mile bike ride. Just got back, basking in the feeling of being sweaty, and decided to reward myself with tumblr. 

Holy shit.

If I faint, yeah, sure. Worth it. 

Shower and hydration now, but holy shit. I'm not longer sure what I'm dizzy from. Excuse me as I fall over myself being happy. 

I feel like my brain should hurt more

I just wrote a 30.5k word fic in ten days. Intro, six chapters, coda. Significant portions of chapter five were written while in, let's see, five airports. How numerically appropriate. BBC Sherlock, so's you knows, and a very sexy pg13.

Somehow, I think I'm going to be able to handle my senior year workload just fine. If only I could complete my creative writing emphasis through fanfic.
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Awe and Wonder - Ten

Not actually dead yet!

Hey all!

After a crazy long hiatus of my even crazier year of study abroad, I finally went and got organized. I now have a writing journal by the name of bendingsignpost that I have been loading my fic into for the past two or three days now. That's been one amazing trip through memory lane, pulling together stuff from my pre-Who days, namely Fire Emblem and Tales of Symphonia, as well as stuff from the past few years. The Golden Sun stuff is staying dead and buried because not even my mother wants to read stories left over from when I was thirteen. (Unless I start writing for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Unlikely, but we'll see how that goes.)

Next on the list to upload is all the pieces of In Human Hands that have so far been written. Having tweaked out from glee at actually being in Parc Guell in the past month, I'm ready to go again. The second I got into Barcelona - okay, not the very second, there was a bit of wandering around lost first - the first morning in Barcelona, I cracked out a notebook and scribbled until my travel buddy alerted me to the time of the walking tour. Best week of my life. Hands down. I adore that city and I need to go back. 

Fun fact: there are pretty much no blue motorcycles there. Only blue mopeds. 

Anyway, that's the news from me and I'm now going to try to be a bit more social, which I know I pretty much fail at. Sorry about that - it's not personal, it's a personal failing. Thanks for bearing with me. 

Oh, and on a side note: I don't really know how to do the stuff with backgrounds and such for journals and I'm flailing around a little with bendingsignpost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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Spinning Through Time

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Also, I met Alex Kingston at a play on Friday and got her autograph. At sat two seats down from her. I thought I was having a stress-induced hallucination when I saw her because I was in a dark hallway due to being late and who else do you expect to see in dark hallways besides River Song? Okay, a lot of people, but it was still incredibly surreal. Her hair is that big in real life. We were both late to the weirdest MacBeth in the history of MacBeths and got put in the late seats. My life makes no sense and I kinda adore it.
DeathSentrets - they are serious busines


Three Sundays ago, following in the footsteps of yo_san, I began my Pokemon journey. A journey unlike any of my previous Pokemon journeys. A journey where I did not insist that, to earn my fourth badge, I must have 40 Pokemon captured; for my fifth, 50; and so on. No, I changed my playing style dramatically, drastically, and - I have discovered - delightfully.

The new rules of the game:
To use the starter Pokemon only until Pokeballs become available and to store it once your true team has been caught.
To capture six of one Pokemon, all of which can be found on the first route in the game.
To use the aforementioned six Pokemon and only those six to defeat all the trainers and gyms in the land.

Today, after three weeks of being a crazy person with a GameBoy Color, I have beaten all eight gyms of Johto with six Sentrets. (For those who don't know what that is, view the icon.) When I began this journey, I knew that I wanted Sentrets but wasn't sure whether the relative lack of elemental weaknesses meant I was taking the easy way out. After all, Yoshimi has his DeathPidgeys and an electric-type gym to face. However, upon comparison, Pidgeys are stronger than Sentrets.

Slightly humiliating, that. And yet, also justification for the Sentrets. They're my favorite random weak Pokemon in generation two games. Also, for the fun of side quests and the ability to have a female avatar, I've been playing Pokemon Crystal Version.

So far, I've used 6 TMs and 2 HMs on the Sentrets, bestowing them based on the best stats for each move. One TM was overwritten by another. All other moves were naturally occurring in Sentrets. I'm kind of absurdly proud of all of them.

At the moment:
Tosh (lv 43) Ice Punch, Snore, Quick Attack, Rest
Ianto (lv 42) Surf, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Dig
Owen (lv 40) Thunderpunch, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes
Gwen (lv 39) Fire Punch, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes
Martha (lv 37) Slam, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes
Jack (lv 37) Fury Swipes, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Cut

I caught them at level 2 or 3 when they only knew Tackle and Defense Curl. How Torchwood has grown.
Spinning Through Time

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In the course of a week, I've written three dabbles, two short stories averaging a thousand words, and prodded at the insanity that is my Jamie/Ten/Martha thing, at the greater insanity that is codename Twisted Fic and at an old Jackson/Ten I'd dropped after three pages. Guess I'd missed Ten.

Anywho, I think that's out of my system. Part of me is yelling at myself for wandering away from In Human Hands for the week - at the current rate, I'll be done at the end of the year - but there are too many ideas in my head. None of which are conducive to writing an ethnography review or a history exam, but they're not really going away.

I kinda really want to write a Ten/Joan after IHH - five chapters of heartbreak and identity crisis, max - but that might be a bit too much fobwatching for everyone. That would essentially be over three years of working on the same concept.